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You have art of Arctic Raptors? Send it in here, and it will be added in art gallery and possibly somewhere in the sites where it fits! It can be of your own character, as long as it's Arctic Raptor!

Arctic Raptors

Original species by Kahvidemoni

Arctic Raptor is fully evolved, nowadays different-looking, variation of Utahraptors. However they are endangered and rare due to the global warming. Alongside polar bears they might go extinct!



Welcome to the site, where you can read more about Arctic Raptors! They are made entirely out of imagination and some information about dinosaurs, so do not worry - they aren't real. They are open species, which means that you can make own Arctic Raptor as long as you follow the rules. There will also be free-to-use base for the species itself, so making characters will be easier!

Welcome to our little den, and hopefully you will have fun!



This website is still under progress!


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Art Belongs to its owner (Linked if owner wants so, otherwise you can see the artist's name moving your mouse on top of the drawing)

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